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We’ve browsed through some of the top-rated astronomy apps and put together a list of the ones that look the most awesome.

But it is likely to be eclipsed itself by a rare astronomical event at the end of the month – a so-called supermoon where it will appear far bigger than usual, and a lunar eclipse that will mean that it is blocked out.

Astronomy apps are making it possible for anyone to be astronomer — you don’t even need a telescope.

The apps use the GPS and compass in your phone to pinpoint your location and show you where all the surrounding celestial bodies are, even if your view is blocked.

It's also the first eyepiece that's waterproof and filled with nitrogen, so it won't fog up or develop mold inside.

Explore Scientific 14mm 100° Eyepiece 0; Track star movement or meteor flybys even when not at your scope.

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  1. I guess you've seen the footage — I look like I'm covered in transparent flames when I absorb energy. I'm just glad that some of the research has helped with problems like cancer. They're the ones who are putting this smear-campaign crap on the Project. I think the next 10 years will be even better than the last. 1 have to wonder, however, if the isotopes weren't somehow charged with refined "quantum energy" during the process.