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Rules of Jass: only play to 2,500 and the score is automatically tallied by the computer. Hi EFers, Anyone interested in a game of bluewinjass at 20.00 tonight?

Rules of Jass: only play to 2,500 and the score is automatically tallied by the computer. Even if I'd seen this in time, I still wouldn't have a clue how to play via bluewin - you'd need to include instructions for that too.

Cyber Jass offers the following functionalities:-Various skins available.-Variants 'simple', 'pique double', 'unte-ufe', 'zig-zag', etc.-Help, suggestions and explanations, that suits beginners and experts.-Winning games in memory.-Cancellation of the last movement.-A Customable Artificial Intelligence.-Free network games.-Plenty of achievements.-Disconnected players are replaced by the artificial intelligence, in a way the game always goes on.-Online scores.-Allow to start its own online private server.-Online game shared with other platforms (e.g.

I haven't played jass for many years and want to play again, but have forgotten the rules. Can anybody let me know where I can find these rules or even send them to me? I've also never seen people playing up to 3000 points. (A variant of the game is to set a 1000 point limit and not multiply Bells, Shields, Obenabe and Undenufe rounds.

Anyway - proper Jass players, don't like playing with me, as I don't always play a predictable game and lead with my best trumps first - preferring to leave them to catch a few biggies at the end.

This really annoys the others - especially my partner.

Unfortunately the spiders and bats destroyed the tower stairs!

Fortunately you are nimble and very fast - perhaps you would be able to run on t… The school year ended, and Kate gained confidence and some friends. So called rules and behaviors change, and Kate finds herself in the middle of many interests and finding a way to lead her friends into a local music contest.

The Schieber Jass for mobile (or Chibre in French), funny, free and easy to handle. -Minimal online data consumption, 34 KBytes per game. You are in the countryside and you must take on the fly the apples falling from the tree.

"Schieber" mit "normalem" Trumpf, Undeufe, Obenabe und Slalom (doppelt, dreifach usw.)Bei Fragen, Problemen, Wünschen: [email protected] und OHNE WERBUNG!

Die Applikation spielt gemäss dem Buch "Puur Näll As: Offizielles Schweizer Jassreglement" von Göpf Egg und Albert Hagenbucher, 9. Ausblick auf spätere Versionen: Weitere Spielvarianten (Coiffeur, Differenzler), online Spielmöglichkeiten usw.

Cyber Jass offers the following functionalities: -Various skins available. We walk you through how to set up your site and begin making mone…

-Variants 'simple', 'pique double', 'unte-ufe', 'zig-zag', etc. Interference Hunter provides technical information on how to track down interference.

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Some minor remarks about their Schieber website, because Schieber probably is the most popular Jass: I've never seen people quadrupling Undenufe points. In Undenufe, the ace is 0 points and the six is 11.

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