Redneck dating disaster

He had parking for 80,000, though the largest crowd Carter, who, with his thin little mustache and snazzy black and white checkered sportcoat, looks rather like a used car salesman, had ever had at the raceway was 6,500, for demolition derbies. The attorney for the Stones (and friends), Melvin Belli, was handling all his legal arrangements, he said. Mainly this seemed to consist of talking with the local cops when they dropped by on their rounds, and chatting with his hot dog concession lady about what to expect. Up at the racetrack office building, Dick Carter, the manager-promoter of Altamont Raceway, was taking care of all the arrangements he could think of. It was hard to imagine that it could ever be totally filled with people, as far as the eye could see looking out from the stage. Down the service road, gleaming by the floodlight glare came eight ancient trucks, each loaded with about a dozen porta-toilets. By night, with only some 5,000 people milling around the interior section, it seemed to stretch on forever. There were campfires all over the place (many of them the product of the race track's fence, which is now being replaced), and people were engaged in a range of worthy activities, like smoking dope or sharing it, drinking beer or sharing it, playing tapes of the Stones, or playing guitars and singing their own, playing touch football under the stage lights Chip Monck's work crews were using to set up a stage. But you know what, when they started messing with our bikes, they started it."he night before it started, Altamont felt great.

Like, there was this fat naked broad who'd tried to climb onstage.

"We were the biggest suckers for that idiot that I ever can see."As to the violence, Barger said the Angels had not to be overly violently, but, shit, non-violence has its limits.

If they had wanted to get rid of the Angels, honorably, they could have taken up another collection and laid another five hundred dollars on them to split, which they would have done, man."To all complaints that they had been over-zealous — too rough — in keeping the stage clear, the Angels simply replied that they was just doin' their thing. "Anybody tries that is gonna get And they Got got."All in all, Barger thought the Stones had misrepresented the trip to the Angels. He made it pretty clear that the Angels don't dig being duped.

I don't know his name or anything, he reached over — he didn't like us being so close or something, you know, we were seeing Mick Jagger too well, or something. He reached over and grabbed the guy beside me by the ear and hair, and yanked on it, thinking it was funny, you know, kind of laughing. and he was running straight into the crowd, you know, pushing people away, you know, to run from the Hell's Angels. Had he been smoking, had he been drinking, or do you know? He didn't give him any verbal provocation or anything. And they hitting him and one Hell's Angel pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the back. In addition, said Murray, it was they who made the formidable offer to fly out the 100 security officers from the East Coast.

And so, this guy shook loose; he yanked away from him. See, and they started, they were mugging him, and then he started running . Sears Point Raceway is owned by a large holding company in LA that goes by the name "Filmways." If the graciousness of the raceway seeemd a bit unbelievable, it all became clearer when Filmways, the parent company, attached the following last-minute rider to the agreement: that Filmways be given exclusive distributing rights to any film that might come out of the concert.

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