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After the breakup Jade stayed in their house (Tom sold it in December 2016), Tom moved out and now lives in Venice Beach. She was later seen in Japan at the same time when Tom was there at convention. She is a girl Tom met in March 2016 during his vacation in Hawaii. She is also a model and a shop assitant in one of the boutiques in Maui. Feel free to follow my blog about Drarry or contact me via Instant messages on here, or DM me on IG or Twitter (tom_22_felton on both)7. Also the words “love to the people” was a clear reference to what Greg keeps saying. For me this doesn’t mean someone is still in love and wants someone back.16. Tom is single and doesn’t date anyone until he says otherwise. She was there promoting the tv series “Time after time” and Tom was there as a part of the Flash cast. The first we heard of her was at the end of February 2016 when she was tagged in one of the pictures of Tom, Greg and others being on vacation in Hawaii. Though I really enjoy discussing it, this blog is about Tom and i don’t want to spam other readers (who may ship other pairings or may not be interested in fanfiction at all) with this stuff. She was showing this sign with her hand that Tom uses since his vacation in Hawaii in March this year. Then Jade posted a picture saying that their first date was in february 2007. Then you’ll understand why i believe the official version10. I think that it’s normal to keep following your ex and like pictures, it’s OK to be civil to each other, it’s fine to try and stay on friendly terms. It looks like they met at San Diego Comic Con in July 2016.As for an emil address for a Robert Gates, more specifics are  needed.

He posted some hurtful things about the 'Cinderella Story 3' actress on Twitter but later apologized for his tactlessness.

It happened at HP Celebration in Orlando during one of the Q&A panel (January 2017). Can you explain the situation about the caption that Tom somehow changed on one of Jade’s pictures on his instagram? Are there any places which Tom frequently visits in Vancouver? She is a British model that Tom met through Greg in February 2016. There are many pictures on her instagram taken by Tom.15.

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He was born William Peen Adair Rogers to a  well respected and relatively wealthy family, and was often hailed  as...

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