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His earbuds connected to his i Pod are hidden under his headscarf, he speaks with quick wit and references pop culture. We can't decide if he is teasing us and actually lives in a cave or if he goes home each night to an apartment with big screen TV and modern conveniences.

The cave wouldn't surprise us because we learn that many people still live in the surrounding ruins and that the families who work in Petra are granted permission to stay there there.

Get Your Guide is a great company offering tours and discounts check out these tours to Petra.It is here that we see the paths to both the high sacrifice and the Monastery. This 3000 seat amphitheatre looks to be Roman architecture but was actually build by the Nabateans in the 1st century.There are countless monuments and it is hard to believe that much of Petra was destroyed during a massive earthquake hundreds of years ago.With cliffs reaching up to 80 metres, it is absolutely one of the most phenomenal gorges on earth. Our tour of Petra was led by an officer from Petra Jordan Development Authority.He was hired to stay with us while we took photos of Petra. We retraced our route from the night before to Petra's most famous monument.

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