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The Kastel was the site of an ancient fortress and the Arab forces used the position as the staging area for attacks on the convoys.On April 5, 1948 Haganah forced launched an attack on the Arab positions above the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway and the Kastel.I could see that they were pre-occupied with one point alone: if this was the only way that the British Mandate could continue, it would be better not to continue it at all.'" UN Partition of Palestine The British also wanted out of the problem.They had 100,000 soldiers/police trying to maintain control with a total population of about 600,000 Jews and 1.2 million Arabs.One of the worst incidents occurred on April 13, 1948.

Of those voting, 33 nations voted yes, including USA and USSR; 13 mostly-Arab nations voted no; 11 nations abstained.

As disappointed as the Jews were with the portion allotted for the Jewish state, they felt that something was better than nothing after all the waiting and the pain.

However, the Arabs, always maximalist in their demands, rejected the UN resolution.

The ship was brought into Haifa port under British escort; there the Holocaust survivors were forcibly transferred to another ship and returned back to Germany via France.

Abba Eban, who was then the Jewish liaison to a special UN committee ― called Special Committee On Palestine or UNSCOP ― persuaded four UN representatives to go to Haifa to witness the brutality of the British against the Jews.

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They also refused to cooperate with the UN committee charged with supervising implementation of the General Assembly resolution.

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