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I play only with eager, fun and trustworthy partners with a sound and healthy feeling of humour. Furthermore the Master will see to it that every risk of contamination, clamping or other (permanent) physical injury is excluded.

An incomplete or dishonest form or lack of a clear picture means I cannot honour your request. If you have any doubt whether or not you will attend a session when invited, do not return the form. This is only possible when using the proper and professional materials and taken into account the adequate precautionary measures.

Please don't send anything old or unrepresentative - satisfies no-one, and may result in the session getting aborted! I also need a mobile number for contact in case of problems leading up to a meeting. If you are unwilling to trust me with these, how can you trust me to tie you and keep you in the most vulnerable situations? 4.) Do not waste your time on those who react in a defensive way and do not react in an adequate way upon making a concrete appointment.

Everyone gets only one chance to fill in my questionnaire well and honestly. Master Rambo Any questions: telephone: 31 655963788 (The 2 bunkers/dungeons are in the woods and easy to reach. Experience learned that those who are eager to come always react quickly and adequately and come to terms for a session in a short period of time.

I value mutual transparency and no-nonsense pro and cons prior to engaging in an appointment.

You may have experienced yourself that, when trying to make an appointment for a session, this small world has a lot of fakers and paper jerk off’s to offer.

I am a marketing manager in daily life which means I have little time to spare to chat and stuff.Also not experienced masters and slaves are welcome! Those are transmitted to the brain that produces endorphin.Salam Aleikum السلام عليكم I am a Master/Top, with a BDSM-Bunker where I can give you a real BDSM experience with the addition of photos as a souvenir. My true name is “ ............” (family name not required). This is a sort of natural narcotic substance that subdues pain and gives a pleasant and exiting feeling.That is the reason I have chosen for a personal approach in order to comply as much as possible with the desires, limits and fantasies of the slave during the sessions.Using this method, fakers expose themselves and are eliminated right away.

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