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Actually, Abraham and the Hebrew tribe was part of the Hyksos invasion of Egypt, where they oppressed the Egyptians for over 150 years.

Ultimately the Egyptians paid an enormous ransom to the Hebrews and the rest of the Hyksos to leave their land. History now refers to this as the Hyksos expulsion.

He was promoted to be a Superior Royal Scribe, and finally reached the position of Minister of all Public Works.

So, of course, the Egyptians didn't record that.

It would be like England putting up huge memorials to the Colonies' victory and subsequent creation of the US of A, or the South erecting statues of Union Generals from the war that is still referred, to this day, as the War of Northern Aggression.

Manetho also indicated that the Israelites’ Exodus took place in the reign of a succeeding king whose name was Ramses.

Under the pretext of recording fables and current reports about the Jews, he (Manetho) took the liberty of introducing some incredible tales, wishing to represent us (the Jews) as mixed up with a crowd of Egyptian lepers and others, who for various maladies were condemned, as he asserts, to banishment from the country.

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