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A couple of years back, I watched the entire series starting with Barnabas' arrival on the scene.

Loved Joan Bennett and Victoria and Laura the Phoenix. Angelique scared the shit out of me at the time when I was watching it first run.

I definitely got the impression that Doctor Lang was forcing Jeff to have sex, which is why Jeff hated him so much. My best friend loves those 1790's scenes, but I thought those were the weakest part of the series. There were lots of times actors forgot their lines.

They emphasize Quentin-the-werewolf so heavily, but as it turns out he wasn't one for very long at all. During the end credits roll they always had the camera focused on the last scene.

I also had a big crush on Roger Davis as well My favorite story lines always involved Angelique I saw an old picture of the guys at the beach. I loved the 1897 scene where Barnabas shows up and gives his old line about being a long lost cousin from England who is descended from the original Barnabas.

The old lady of the house knew that Barbara's never went to England and that he was a vampire locked up in the Mosoleum.

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