Card consolidating credit debt loan

Certain bankruptcy court orders and Federal or State tax debts have NO RESTRICTIONS!!

Before I go thru the specifics of ‘garnishments”, let me preface this by saying I am not an attorney. This article is not intended in anyway to be “in lieu of” obtaining advice from an attorney.

Debt collectors may send a letter to the mailing address that they have on file asking you to validate the debt. Review them for accuracy and if the debt is not yours, dispute it by responding to the letter and advise the collector.

If it is your debt, be ready for the collection calls to start or be proactive and call the collector yourself.

Montana has suspended 92 drivers’ licenses for defaulting on student loans.

“It’s more of a deterrent than » Read More Share If you are getting collection calls for any unpaid debt that you owe, the best way to handle them is to speak to the collector and find out everything you can find out about that debt. Make sure the amount is something you remember that you failed to pay.

The highest percentage allowed (50-60%) applies to child support.

Other types of debt can range from 15%-25% of disposable earnings.

Each loan product may have different features and pay off requirements.

The loan rates maybe fixed or variable and loans terms may vary.

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