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Otherwise the model will feature the exact same container minus the soft-grip. With few exceptions and despite the different names, the core collection of recipes in the Vitamix recipe books in this category are identical.This core collection is designed for healthy, “every day” recipe blending with commonly available ingredients, though, as you will see, some models contain books with recipes tailored to raw/vegan/vegetarian diets and other models have those geared toward what you might find in a restaurant, or otherwise inspired by chefs. The first is by 3-ring binder with an “easel” style front and back cover, designed for easy upright viewing of the loose-leaf recipes on countertops. Some models are simply packages put together by Vitamix which include the same exact blenders plus the addition of extra accessories such as different sized containers and tampers, spatulas, cutting boards, etc. Some models are available in every color Vitamix makes, but, depending on the current inventory, may or may not be available at the time of purchase.Below is an image of the three different control panels that will be found on blenders in the C-Series line, the top being the most common.***Edit: In October 2013 Vitamix introduced the 6000 model which has neither a Variable Speed dial nor lever.As you either already know or are now discovering for yourself, there are many options when it comes to high-performance blender manufacturers.Talk to someone who’s been through the buying process and ended up purchasing a Vitamix.In this article I’ll lay out the exact differences in every Vitamix model in their current home line – 28 at last count – hopefully making it a little easier for you to figure out which Vitamix to buy for you and your family.Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind during your selection process is that there are basically only two different motors Vitamix will use for every blender in the entire line.

Following is a synopsis on other characteristics of the blenders and their respective package contents for models in the C-Series line.

He or she will likely tell you the hardest decision wasn’t choosing the brand.

Rather, it was selecting a particular Vitamix model in the company’s ever-expanding home line that ended up being the most daunting step of the process.

BPA-free Vitamix container with four-blade assembly and two-piece lid attachment.

On most models the handle will be covered with an ergonomic soft-grip which contains a built-in indentation for the user’s thumb.

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Here I will divide every model in the Vitamix home line into one of two categories, distinguished by the motor used in the blender – the 2 HP or the 2.2 HP.

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